Canadian Merchant AccountThere are several different types of debit machine solutions available to Canadian Merchants.  Choose from the list below that best suits your business needs.

  1. Retail Debit Machine – For businesses that have face to face transactions and need to accept any of the following: Debit (Interac), Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Dinners Card
  2. Wireless Debit Machine – For business who are mobile or who work in locations were they can not get a traditional phone or internet connection like Tradeshows, Taxi, Delivery, etc. yet they still want to offer the processing solution as a traditional retail POS Terminal.
  3. Cell Phone (MO/TO) – For business that have very low volume of transactions and want a simple lowest cost solution where they can phone in for verification.
  4. Virtual Terminal – For businesses that take orders, but not face-to-face.  Similar to doing internet banking.  All you require is your clients credit card information and you can process cards from any computer connected to the internet.  (Visa, Mastercard, & American Express ONLY).
  5. E-commerce Credit Card Processing – For businesses that need a merchant account to connect to their internet shopping carts, so their clients can pay and checkout from their websites.